From Shelby R- originally posted on Google

I am grateful to have found El Dorado Community Acupuncture!
Rosie is a skilled, professional acupuncturist offering affordable, safe care to our community amidst the turmoil of 2020.The sliding scale fee truly reflects the focus on “community” in “community acupuncture.” I feel very safe during my appointments with the health precautions being taken including sanitizing, social distancing and maintaining correct mask usage.

From Cory L in CA- originally posted on Yelp

I have had two visits with Rosie to date and the improvement in my thumb is amazing.  I had been in pain for several month and finally went to the doctor because it wasn’t getting better.  My doctor first thought it was arthritis, but no arthritis showed on the x-ray.  She sent me to a Physical Therapist who was very helpful in figuring out what was going on.  He determined it was a pinched nerve in my neck.  Unfortunately,  he was pretty booked up and it would be another 3 weeks to get another appointment.  Being impatient I went looking for another way to find some relief.  After my first visit with Rosie the improvement was amazing.  I have had two visits and can see an end to my pain.   I would highly recommend this place and am looking forward to working on some other issues.

From Andrea B in El Dorado County, CA- originally posted on Facebook

I saw Rosie 1 time so far, it was a very pleasant experience. I felt welcomed, relaxed and I’m great hands. Her experience shows as she places the needles. I have been having severe anxiety, back pain and headaches with this visit for the first time in weeks I was not only in complete peace but it dulled my headache to where I could think and helped lessen my back pain to wear I could function! I know as I continue seeing her she will help me completely. Best choice ever! I recommend everyone to try it and let Rosie assist in your healing!

From aztecanm- originally posted on Google

I have come to Rosie several times for different neck and back issues over the past 2 years, and every time they have gone away after 1-2 sessions spent in her calm, serene acupuncture space. It is a quiet hour well spent getting healed. She has totally figured out how to offer a warm, soothing environment where affordability and kindness pervades. It fills the healing gap in our community that is lacking in so many other for-profit private/corporate healthcare options around here.

From Rebekah S- originally posted on Google

Rosie was kind, capable, knowledgeable, gentle, extremely proficient, reassuring , and had a very calming demeanor. I really enjoyed the mellow environment and the instrumental music. Additionally, I appreciated the more clinical approach to acupuncture versus touting it as a religious one. I should say, acupuncture can definitely be a religious exercise, but I liked that it was not Presented exclusively as such.

People were obviously at ease in Rosie’s capable hands, and I even fell asleep! I went into the treatment full of anxiety and left feeling much better. Thank you Rosie! I will be back for more treatments in the future, and will be referring all of my friends and family to see her.

From Cynthia H in Pollock Pines, CA- originally posted on Yelp

Rosie is wonderful. Every time I have gone I have gotten the results I was looking for! If you are thinking about acupuncture, I highly recommend this place!

From junkbabe1- originally posted on Google

Rosie is very caring and a great practitioner. She’s a great listener and really tries to help all your problems. I will come here with many ailments and she’s always patient and I leave there feeling better than I walked in. The office is clean and calm and beautiful. I highly recommend her.

From Sheilah B in El Dorado County, CA- originally posted on Facebook
I had chronic pain issues with my right leg, sciatica pain, and right shoulder. Rosie, with her very gentle approach helped me get my chronic pain under control.
I love the community atmosphere and love Rosie’s professionalism. I highly recommend her your acupuncture needs.

From Jill B in Sacramento, CA- originally posted on Yelp

Great care to each individual client. Affordable opportunity for healing. A little far from my home, otherwise I would come much more frequently. Thank you 😉

From Terra E- originally posted on Google

I love El Dorado Community Acupuncture! Rosie is the sweetest person you will ever meet! She took time to meet with me before and answer all my questions. She has helped me so much with my headaches, back pain, and so much more. I would highly recommend her!

From D Smith- originally posted on Google

Awesome! I recommend Rosie all the time. Super grateful for this healing gem… <3

From GL in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA- originally posted on Yelp

I don’t live in the area but whenever I can, I schedule an appointment with Rosie.  My acupuncturist retired so I am always on the lookout for an acupuncturist whose needles start my chi flowing.  Rosie’s does that!!     She is sweet, caring and her treatments are so soothing, invigorating, healing.  Her clinic is simple and informal.  I just wish I lived closer and not 100 miles away!

She is SOOOOOO affordable!!!!  If you can, try her out.  You won’t be sorry.

From Christine O in El Dorado County, CA- originally posted on Facebook

My first visit was enjoyable. I was greeted immediately by the owner and brought in to the relaxing space. my session took 45 minutes and I felt rejuvenated. I believe it helped eleviate the pain I was in due to my severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and will be going back.

From Beth C in El Dorado County, CA- originally posted on Facebook

What a great place! Rosie is wonderful! And I so appreciate the sliding scale fee! This is truly a person that cares about helping others!

From Kelley J in Smith River, CA- originally posted on Yelp

I love everything about EDC Acupuncture. It’s affordable, it’s effective and it’s relaxing. The practitioner, Rosie, has a wonderful, pleasant manner.

From Mandy N in El Dorado County, CA- originally posted on Facebook

I used Rosie to help me with my second pregnancy. I ended up getting induced my first pregnancy. I was 3 days past my due date and went in. She worked some magic on my feet and 15 minutes after my labor started. I was very impressed and highly recommend her.

From Karen T- originally posted on Google

Rosie is exceptional! Her friendliness openness and knowledge has been so helpful for me!

From Nikki T in Diamond Springs, CA- originally posted on Yelp

Having never had acupuncture done before, I was a little skeptical as to how effective it would be…however, Rosie did an AMAZING job and I could not be more happy with my experience! A pinched nerve in my neck was severely restrictive, and only a couple hours after my acupuncture session my muscles had relaxed and I had regained nearly all motion of my head and neck! So thrilled to have found this place

From Kerry R- originally posted on Google

Rosie is very knowledgeable and caring about providing you what you need to heal. It is an experience that calls to my soul at the end of a very busy day! She has helped me with pain management for a shoulder injury and I couldn’t be more thankful!

From Tasha K- originally posted on Google

An afordable way to receive accupuncture in a clean, warm, and inviting setting. Rosie makes you feel welcome everytime. She is a natural healer.

From Nancy M- originally posted on Google

Wonderful! 5 stars.

From Gayle D in Camino, CA- originally posted on Yelp

This is such an awesome service. Rosie is so gentle and caring. I have had acupuncture in the past, but could not afford the repetitive treatments necessary for acupuncture to work. I was skeptical about only getting needles in areas not covered by clothing, but I can tell you it WORKS!  It is nice to meditate for the duration of the treatment (30-45min) and the other patients in the room seem to add to the experience. The room has about 10 or so table/beds and chairs that you can choose from. It is always a quiet relaxing experience and I have felt a lot of healing.

From Tami R in El Dorado County, CA- originally posted on Facebook

Excellent service, comfortable vibe. I look forward to seeing Rosie every week!

From Wonder Woman- originally posted on Google

I feel so fortunate to have found
Rosie is the best!
What a great environment and the best part is the affordability ♡
I love this place and the service it provides to our community.

From Tanya C in El Dorado County, CA- originally posted on Facebook

Excellent. Rosie is amazing, so sweet, quick and painless. Acupuncture has helped relieve so many issues from tendonitis in my wrist to neuralgia.

From Nanci W in El Dorado Hills, CA- originally posted on Yelp

“This is a great place! I’m so happy that there is a community acupuncture option for me here. It’s a very nice and peaceful clinic with comfy chairs, calming music and wonderful smells. Rosie is very attentive and listens to your issues so she can tailor a treatment plan specifically for your needs. I had pain running down my leg and it was gone with 2 visits. It’s super easy to make appointments online but she also offers walk in visits. Don’t hesitate to try it, she really is great! Only wish I could bring my dog for acupuncture here too!! ;)”

From Tripp M in El Dorado County, CA- originally posted on Facebook

Rosie is both skillful and knowledgeable, with a great “bedside” manner and cheerful presence. And the “clinic” setting makes it affordable with its sliding scale that allows virtually anyone needing treatment to be able to afford it. She has helped me with a number of things, from pain to stress to what I call “tuneups” to restore vitality and clarity to both my mind and body. Big two thumbs (and 5 stars) up! ❤

From Leann S in El Dorado County, CA- originally posted on Facebook and Google

Rose is very knowledgeable and knows exactly what to do, clinic is clean and comfortable. 1 visit helped 90% of pain relief but I will be back to maintain this level of health!

From Patricia L in Georgetown, CA- originally posted on Yelp

“Have been here twice now. Talk about immediate gratification. So glad I found the place. So easy to walk in and get treated right away. Never feel like I’m being rushed, freedom to stay for as long as I want. Super reasonable pricing so I bought a 10-visit card on my first visit. Know I won’t regret it.”

From Melissa M in Placerville, CA

“I really think acupuncture has helped tremendously with my allergies this year.  When I first started coming in, I had been taking an allergy nasal spray, I was miserable for two months, and I felt relief within two weeks!  I had completely stopped taking all allergy meds at that time, so there is nothing else that could possibly have caused the relief that I experienced. I’m thrilled!”

From Samantha A in El Dorado County, CA- originally posted on Facebook and Google

Rosie is the best. Treatment helpful for a variety of pains, issues etc. The space is beautiful and Rosie is kind and skilled! Happy to have found this great option for treatment close to home.

From KP in Folsom, CA- originally posted on Yelp

“Rosie is wonderful, and offers a relaxing, peaceful, comfortable environment.  Rosie really listens to each patient, and tailors her treatments to what each person needs on any given visit.  Her services are on a sliding scale, so she’s affordable for everyone – this is such a gift to the community and to all her patients.  My mom and I go to see her together, my mom for help with the side effects of chemo, me for various issues, and I always leave feeling better than when I went in.  Rosie has options to help so many different ailments and issues, and I couldn’t be happier with her services.  You owe it to yourself to give this place a try!”

From Marlys M in El Dorado, CA- originally posted on Facebook

“I highly recommend a visit with Rosie to cure whatever ails you. Great, relaxing environment and far more affordable than I expected.”

From Melissa L in Placerville, CA- originally posted on Yelp

“It’s so great to have affordable healthcare so close to home.  I’ve had great success with acupuncture.  The clinic is comfortable and calm.  I couldn’t be happier.”

From Susan R in El Dorado County, CA- originally posted on Facebook

“Rosie is a miracle worker! She’s been working hard to help me improve my balance and walking since my stroke. We’ve also been working on my trigger fingers which has helped so much better than the cortisone shots I received. I would highly recommend Rosie to anyone!! Thanks Rosie!”

From Dianne K in El Dorado Hills, CA- originally posted on Yelp

“I am SO glad we found EDCA in our area! Both my husband and I have found relief for sinus, asthma, stress, anxiety and are achieving overall wellness/energy.
Highly recommend!! We think Rosie is amazing and we are grateful to have her practicing in our region.  Well worth your time and at such an affordable cost!
We think MUCH BETTER than massage for the working person or other dealing with stress.  Lasting results!”

From Sarah M. in Placerville, CA- originally posted on Yelp and Facebook

“This is the best deal around. Rosie is so beautiful inside and out. She is kind, caring and knows what she is doing. During snowboarding season I take a lot of falls. It is amazing how much better I feel after being treated by Rosie. I love the community setting because I go with my mom and we get to sit next to each other. It is a wonderful way to spend time with a friend or loved one. I also love how easy it is to schedule an appointment.”

From Sarah W. in Shingle Springs, CA- originally posted on Facebook

“I went for the first time getting acupuncture. The environment was very relaxing and Rosie was wonderful. It is conveniently located and affordable.”

From Rebecca R. in Shingle Springs, CA- originally posted on Yelp

“So happy to have affordable acupuncture in Shingle Springs.  Rosie is wonderful! I had been having knee pain and unable to do my favorite activities.  Rosie did one treatment and my knee was so much better I could go back to my active life.  I also use her acupuncture for stress management.  Who couldn’t use a little help in that department?!  I am happy to be able to have this clinic right in our small town of Shingle Springs!”

From Shen M. in Placerville, CA- originally posted on Facebook

I love EDCA. After 2 visits I’m so much better – swelling and anxiety are both down. Overall my body just feels much improved. Thank you Rosie!”

From Lori M. in El Dorado County, CA- originally posted on Yelp

“What a relaxing, way to spend time after work and before going home to more work! Rosie’s acupuncture treatments  display how knowledgeable, grounded, and effective she is at helping each client individually. I felt less neck/shoulder stress after just one treatment! Now, I go twice per week and will continue to do so. She is so welcoming to every walk of life by offering a sliding-scale payment basis. It doesn’t hurt at all; one just needs to get over any fear of needles and focus on the positive outcomes from this ancient healing treatment. Let’s support her growing business, as we are extremely fortunate to have her in our area!!!”

From Alison W. in Sacramento, CA- originally posted on Facebook

“I feel blessed for the existence of El Dorado Community Acupuncture, where I am able to get quality, affordable acupuncture close to home. My experience here has been extremely positive and beneficial to my overall health and well being. Thank you Rosie!”

From Jessica A. in Placerville, CA

“I love Rosie and the amazing work that she does! I highly recommend acupuncture to anyone who wants to de-stress or has any health needs, which requires TLC. ”

From Cesar C. in Shingle Springs, CA- originally posted on Facebook

“Great environment, ideally located. I am thinking my knee, my hip & my baldness is on the path to recovery. I really enjoyed my first 2 visits.”

From Cynthia B. in Oakland, CA

“Rosie has skillfully supported my health and well-being over the past four years, with effective treatments for everything from colds and flus to generally being rundown and exhausted from too much work. I always leave her treatments feeling more calm, grounded and energetic. Regular acupuncture keeps me healthy, and Rosie’s kind, calm, attuned manner combined with her skill as an acupuncturist is a winning combination.”

From Liz S. in Oakland, CA

“Roselle is the most nurturing, kind, goddess-like acupuncturist I’ve had the privilege to come across. She always listened patiently to my list of mental and physical complaints, and her calm presence would begin to heal me before she even started in with the needles. And her needling technique is the most painless I’ve encountered. If I couldn’t face any pain or any more stress in my life, I would make sure my appointment slot was with Roselle. Roselle, we in Oakland miss you bunches, but wish you as much peace and serenity in your new life as you gave to us.”

From Lucia A. in Oakland, CA

“I’ve been going to OAP for the past 4 years.  Rosie was the first practitioner to find a remedy for my chronic indigestion.  Also, when I first went, I was having ocular migraines and was worried that I would have to go to the University of California Ophthalmology Dept.  After only two treatments, they were gone!  Going to OAP has now become my go-to health care center.  It has greatly reduced stress and kept a number of ailments for getting out of hand.  I’m going to miss Rosie’s gentle touch but wish her well in her new endeavors.”

From Lita M. in Oakland, CA

“I’ve been going to Roselle at Oakland Acupuncture Project for about two years and was thrilled to find them.  It has just become a part of what I do in my life to heal and manage some of the chronic pain that I deal with.  I always feel so relaxed and stress-free after my appointment.  I can’t thank you enough for such a great healing and affordable acupuncture experience.”